Sunday, August 22, 2010


I started work at Infamous Graphics on Monday (August 16th) and it was an exhausting week. Not only had I spent the entire summer playing video games and on the computer looking at Albany's craigslist but I have never had a full time job before in my life.

But I managed and I'm enjoying it, in spite of my sore back, feet, legs and hands everytime I get home.

Look at this massive stack I printed on Friday (all by myself on the automatic press):

with this graphic (my first 4 color process print!!) (it's the back, we're printing all the 2000 fronts on Monday):

Today I even screenprinted on my own time, with my own screens and using the first technique I learned how to silkscreen with: contact paper and an x-acto knife.

I was helping out Sina Hickey, founder of the NY division of PaperGirl and friend of Rod and I and who is super busy right now and needed some of the pressure of these openings taken off of her. PaperGirl was started in Germany and it's an exhibition and distribution of art to the public all in one. This is the second year in a row that the New York division has been doing it. This year they've branched off into NYC as well. Here are the dates for the exhibitions. The first opening is this Tuesday night if you're in New York City.

Dumbo Art Center (NYC) August 24-25
The Armory (NYC) August 27-29
The Marketplace Gallery (ALB) September 3-6

I modified the design to fit the paper girl and text into a triangle shape like the shape on the end of the girl's bike. Now I'm waiting for them to dry so I can cut them in half diagonally tomorrow before work.

Here are some of them:


UPDATE: And here are the flags all cut out and spread out at the opening in NYC:

there are more pictures from that opening here


Luke Jonathan said...

I actually designed that papergirl campaign graphic. you did a great job with it!

Kate Glenn said...

Oh wow thank you! sorry for the super late response :D