Friday, October 1, 2010

It's October already!

Some updates:

1. I am not working at Infamous Graphics anymore. I worked there for about one month. It was a good experience but I couldn't afford not to take the offer of employment I received at John G. Waite Associates. JGWA is an architect firm in downtown Albany. They work in restoration. I am their new admin assistant/receptionist.

2. I showed my work in Troy, NY. "Collar Works is a non-profit art gallery dedicated to the support of emerging artists exhibiting culturally relevant contemporary artworks; expanding the current art vernacular in the capital region by providing all the sophistication of the global art market without the pretension." They got a space after showing in different spots around Troy. It is an old building that they've fixed up into a great space to show work.

Here's my work in the gallery space

I took some of my own pictures of the show too which I need to upload onto my computer.

 view from the gallery



 beautiful natural light from the evening sun

 that photographer had four photos in the show, it was a little overwhelming but they are wonderful photographs


 my work in the background

 Work in the hallway, of Suzanne Boatenreiter

 Marilee from the Boor observing the work

 my piece, it wasn't in its full glory in the lit space but I was still happy to have it in the show 

Oh and in some downtime at the office I've been making post-it and folded shirt office art. Maybe I should put some of that up....

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