Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 Artwork

So those post-it notes didn't go very far after I posted about them. But I did continue to collect security envelopes from my former employer.

I used most all of them to fold into shirts, my favorite thing to do with paper I collect.

Here's a sampling of some:

I submitted my proposal to use them in a wall installation of 100 shirts, behind them will be a graph, filled in red for the percentage of unemployed people in the United States at the time of installation. Right now it's at 9% (and that's a drop).

With the remainder of the shirts I made a piece reflecting on the wastefulness of mailings and paper that gets recycled or even filed in office settings. It's a waste of time and space in my opinion... but for records it's necessary.

full piece

I submitted these pieces to the Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy. Which is a pretty nice space.


Danny Knox said...

i'm loving the paper shirts :)

Kate Glenn said...

Thank you :D I'm so bad a keeping up with comments on here