Friday, December 5, 2008

Art Market/End of Semester Crazies

(I kind of messed up the image in photoshop, sorry, just imagine more white space around it)

So Art Market is next week, I'm busy prepping all of my work to sell for that instead of, you know, doing my final projects. That consists of me making Japanese stab bound books constantly. Contrary to the previous two years I'm not really selling a lot of knitted things. I'm selling four to be exact-compared to about 140 books that's not a whole lot at all. I just haven't been knitting at all, kind of lost interest a bit and lost time.

But I do have my final crit for uniformity next week-ahhhh!!! I have something in the works for it, need to talk to my teachers about it tomorrow.

As for Intro to Newer Genres, which I had today, I feel a little more lost, but my work for that class has been a reflection of my life this semester, so that makes sense that I would feel that way. I need to do something else for the class but I really don't think I can do it in the next week, not at all.

As for academics I have some weird assignment for Doc Film that I'm going to do at the last moment, and a test on the same day-thanks! And I'm pretty much done for Arts of Native Americas. I have a pretty long paper to write for Firmin, who is a tough grader and wants a concise paper-that's difficult for me-and he's also my minor adviser so I kind of want to impress him.

I'm going to be sad next semester when I don't have access to the Dolphin Building, it has such great facilities for making books and paper. I'll miss it a lot.

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