Monday, April 21, 2008

Antique Sewing Machine (4/19/08)

My final wood project was going to be building a wooden mailbox to be a recycling box but Ken didn't approve, he didn't think it related directly to my previous fort project. So I chose to do the alternative to an extension of a previous project which is to take an object and obstruct its function by changing its aesthetics or something else (I forget the exact language he used). And it must be mostly wood or wood by-products in the end. I needed some wooden furniture badly, I was hoping for bookshelves or a table. So I joined FreeCycle Baltimore. There was an offer for a solid Mahogany dresser (for free!!!) in Catonsville. I begged Spencer to drive me to go pick it up and he did and we brought Brian. But on the way we took a wrong turn and ended up going back and into some neighborhood, and there on a corner was this huge yard sale with tons of antique, wooden furniture. So we stopped, of course. Everything was so expensive, like hundreds of dollars. But there was a small table labeled "Antique Sewing Machine 20-"... it was one of those pop-up sewing machine tables! And it worked! So I bought it, I didn't even barter like an idiot. So then there was positively no way we could fit that dresser into the car but we had to go tell the family that we would pick it up later. So we went there and we measured to make sure the thing would fit in Spencer's car and everything. It looked to be in excellent condition. We promised to be back in 45 minutes. But of course that did not happen. Spencer was starving and complaining about the noises his car was making. Brian and I moved the sewing machine inside, into the dining room. Spencer left to go get Meyerhoff food and I was looking for my shoes, I thought they might be by the sewing machine. So I walked into the dining room and was walking around the table when I stepped on a needle that went half way into my foot. Spencer was already gone but Adam and Brian were upstairs. I limped to the couch calling for Spencer, thinking he was just out the door I even called him but he didn't answer. After a little bit Adam and Brian came downstairs and helped me out. Spencer called back and came back and then Brian pulled out the needle, after figuring out that it had bent. So needless to say this sewing machine has already cost me-$20 and a healthy foot. I wasn't going to use it for my wood altering project. But now I am, for revenge if nothing else. But I also respect it as an antique and as pretty awesome design. So I will not just turn it into splinters, I will make it into beautiful sculpture, hopefully it does not have a jinx on it that will cause a bad critique or worse. Here are some pictures:

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